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Supramolecular Therapies for Regenerative Medicine

Our Mission

To develop regenerative therapeutics that promote healing after traumatic injury and increase human healthspans – the time that people can live productive, fulfilling lives

Our Science

Amphix Bio is developing a transformative therapeutic platform for regenerative medicine using supramolecular chemistry

Supramolecular Chemistry
Encodes interactions between molecules

Activates regenerative signals
Interactions between molecules are encoded to enhance communication with cell receptors

Creates scaffold for tissue growth
Molecules form architecture similar to the natural extracellular environment to direct tissue regeneration


Therapeutic Platform

Peptide Amphiphile Molecule

Supramolecular Therapeutic

Dynamic 3D Scaffold

Bioactive Signal

Activates regenerative pathways


Structural Segment

Encodes interactions between molecules


Molecules form structures which activate cell receptors with higher potency than standard drugs


Supramolecular structures create scaffolds with architecture and mechanics similar to natural biology

Platform Development

The technology is founded on 20+ years of research in the laboratory of Prof. Samuel Stupp at Northwestern University

The platform has been validated with:

100+ peer-reviewed publications
30+ patents issued
50+ animal studies across therapeutic areas

Z1b_67 v3.jpg


Biological targets investigated


Molecules screened


Bioactive sequences tested


Therapies in development


Lead therapies for clinical testing

Science Lab

Advantages of our technology

Enables effective regeneration of cells and tissues without the manufacturing challenges and safety concerns of approaches like cell therapies

Cell free

Tunable to biological targets

Fully synthetic & chemically defined

Easy to manufacture at scale

Shelf stable

Flexible routes of administration


Our Pipeline

Bone Regeneration Program


Lead application: Spinal fusion surgery

Our off-the-shelf bone graft substitute enables orthopedic surgeons to perform spinal fusion without using donor tissue or recombinant proteins like in current approaches

~0.5 million spinal fusion procedures are performed each year in the US

Treats back pain caused by degenerative disc disease

Current approaches have safety issues that limit their use  

Neural Regeneration Program

SCI graphic.png

Lead application: Acute spinal cord injury (SCI)

The Stupp lab has developed an injectable therapy that regenerates damaged tissue in the spinal cord after traumatic injury, to restore lost motor and sensory function

~18 thousand people experience traumatic SCI each year in the US

Restores function and reverses paralysis due to acute SCI

There is currently no approved treatment available

Cartilage Regeneration Program


Lead application: Knee articular cartilage repair

Our cartilage regeneration therapy can be injected during minimally invasive joint procedures to repair lesions caused by traumatic injury or long-term degeneration

~1 million patients undergo knee cartilage procedures each year in the US

Regenerates damaged cartilage, injected during standard surgeries

Current approaches use complex cell therapies or have limited efficacy


Our Team

Nick Sather

Nick co-founded Amphix Bio in 2019 and has led the company from the initial tech transfer through to pre-clinical development.


He has 10+ years’ experience with Amphix Bio’s core technology platform, beginning with his PhD research in the Stupp Lab at Northwestern University.

Nick Sather, PhD

Co-founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Nick Sather, PhD

Charlotte Chen portrait.png

Charlotte leads Amphix Bio’s R&D program. Her PhD research in the Stupp Lab at Northwestern University is incorporated into the company’s bone regeneration therapy.


Prior to Amphix Bio, she worked at two biotechnology startups, where she focused on R&D, regulatory strategy, and IP research.

Charlotte Chen, PhD

Lead R&D Scientist

Charlotte Chen, PhD

Erin Hsu

Prof. Hsu is a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the Northwestern School of Medicine. She is a leading expert in the molecular mechanisms of bone growth, with extensive experience developing in vitro and in vivo preclinical models for bone regeneration.


She has collaborated with Dr. Stupp’s lab at Northwestern for over a decade to develop peptide materials for bone regeneration.

Erin Hsu, PhD

Scientific Advisor, Preclinical Studies

Prof. Erin Hsu, PhD

Samuel Stupp

Prof. Stupp is a Professor at Northwestern University and Director of the Center for Regenerative Nanomedicine. He has led award winning academic research in supramolecular chemistry and regenerative medicine for 40+ years.


He co-founded Amphix Bio based on the technology platform developed in his laboratory over two decades.

Learn more about the Stupp Lab

Samuel Stupp, PhD

Co-founder &
Chief Scientific Officer

Prof. Samuel Stupp, PhD

Iwona Maciagiewicz

Iwona is an expert in synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry, with experience in R&D, cGMP, patent management, and agreement negotiations.


She was previously an Invention Manager at INVO, the tech transfer office at Northwestern University. She has prior experience at four biotech and chemistry startups, including one she co-founded.

Iwona Maciagiewicz, PhD

CMC Director

Iwona Maciagiewicz, PhD

Dévora Grynspan

Dr. Grynspan is the Vice President for International Relations at Northwestern University and is also a co-founder, board member, and Secretary at Amphix Bio.

Dévora Grynspan, PhD, JD


Dr. Dévora Grynspan, PhD, JD

Hussain Sangji_edited_edited.jpg

Hussain joined Amphix Bio in 2024. He was previously a Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he led engagements in strategy and operations at major global Biopharma and MedTech companies.


He completed his PhD in the Stupp Lab at Northwestern University.

Hussain Sangji, PhD

Director of Operations

Hussain Sangji, PhD

Wellington Hsu

Dr. Hsu is a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Neurological Surgery at the Northwestern School of Medicine. He is a world-leading expert in minimally invasive procedures for spinal disorders.


Dr. Hsu has received numerous awards for his clinical work and serves on several influential boards, including the Head, Neck, and Spine Medical Committee of the NFL.

Wellington Hsu, MD

Scientific Advisor, Clinical Studies

Dr. Wellington Hsu, MD

Daniel Allar

Daniel is a Communications Specialist at Northwestern University and was previously a writer/editor for daily newspapers and trade publications covering the healthcare industry.


He manages Amphix Bio’s website and assists with writing and proofreading materials.

Daniel Allar

Communications Specialist

Daniel Allar



1375 West Fulton Street

Suite 650

Chicago, IL 60607

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